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Are Dodgers Fans Ripping Off The Bleacher Creatures?

If imitation really is the sincerest form of flattery, New York Yankees fans have got to be the most flatterested of all things flattered…or something like that.

For decades, the “Bleacher Creatures” have been doing their thing at Yankee Stadium (old and new) and now, it would seem, there’s another group of fans trying to hone in on their territory.


Now, if the chants sound familiar…it’s because they’re taken directly from the Bleacher Creature playbook. The similar cheering style isn’t lost on the former leader of the Creatures, “Bald Vinny” Milano.

“I can’t shit on fans for showing love for their team,” Milano told The Hall. “If they are making noise, good for them. I just think that maybe they should find their own gimmick”

Your move, Pantone 294.