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Dodgers Honor Ultimate Warrior

Whether it is professional wrestlers appearing at baseball games or Major Leaguers posing for pictures with their favorite WWE Superstars, the crossover between sports entertainment and baseball has been pretty well documented.

So, it should have come as no surprise that beginning Tuesday, following the death of WWE Hall of Famer Ultimate Warrior (real name James Hellwig), the tributes were out in full force.

And while Reddick might be baseball’s biggest wrestling fans (he recently made his WrestleMania 30 predictions here at The Hall), it is the Miami Marlins first baseman that has already gone public with his intentions to use Warrior’s theme “Unstable” as his own.

“He was my ultimate favorite, for sure,” Jones said. “I kind of liked a lot of them, but he was number one. I need to get the intro song, and do a little tribute to him. He was fun to watch for me growing up.”

The Marlins return to Miami Monday, so that will be Jones’ first opportunity to switch it up.  Not wasting any time were the Los Angeles who, during Wednesday night’s game against the Detroit Tigers, paid tribute to the fallen wrestler between innings.

You’re move, Reddick.