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Friday Five: Baseball’s Must Follows

Sports Illustrated recently released their "Twitter 100", which is, as you might guess…100 Twitter feeds that they deem "essential to your daily routine".

On the list…sports writers and athletes from all the major sports.  Among the baseball-related peeps that SI insists you follow…the San Francisco Giants, Cincinnati Reds second basemen Brandon Phillips, Los Angeles Dodgers outfielder Yasiel Puig, Los Angeles Angels pitcher CJ Wilson and the husband and wife duo of Arizona Diamondbacks pitcher Brandon McCarthy and his better half, Amanda McCarthy.

Not to be outdone, Deadspin released their own list as only they can.  Friday, the website announced the 73 worst Twitter feeds.  And, oddly enough, Sports Illustrated and Deadspin singled out a lot of the same people.

Now, because we like a good list and, like you, we love Twitter…the boys here at The Hall (Ben Christensen, Ben Hutchison and Lou Olsen) have compiled five baseball accounts that you should probably mix into your daily routine.  No, we're not calling them "essential"…but you can if you like.

Andrew McCutchen – @TheCUTCH22

Hutchison:  "McCutchen gives great advice, recognizes those around him and also works in some comedy into his tweets."

Brandon Phillips – @DatDudeBP

Hutchison:  "Phillips is flat out hilarious and responds and interacts with fans a lot. Even with 726,000-plus followers, he still reaches out and posts tonsssss of pictures."

John Axford – @JohnAxford

Olsen:  "For me, Axford has always been my guy to follow.  The reason?  He always responds to fans and always posts great pictures and you can tell he loves playing on Twitter."
Chipper Jones – @RealCJ10

Hutchison:  "The future Hall of Famer tweets about current events, uses a lot of exclamation points and gets excited about stuff. I am not a hunter, but he loves hunting, so he always posts pictures of his latest excursions and random things. The house that he stays in every year when he hunts blew up! He surely posted a picture of it in flames."

(Note: Jones was back to tweeting a month later)

Sean Doolittle – @WhatWouldDOOdo

Christensen:  "The name alone is a pretty clever tie-in to his name, which is much better than most players who have elected to keep their name and jersey number as their Twitter handle. Real original! Kidding of course. Most of the people Doolittle follows are comedians and he has merely elected to follow in their footsteps."

So that's who we like…what about you?  How are your "essential" Twitter follows?