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Home Run Derby Champ Named “Most Flirty”

Aaron Judge has just about done it all. But who knew the newly crowned Home Run Derby Champ already held a pretty prestigious title?

Most flirty.

A stack of yearbooks of the New York Yankees slugger (and Linden High School graduate) popped up on eBay and, oh boy…are they fantastic.

The best part? It’s one of Judge’s former teachers that is selling the books.

I was a teacher of New York Yankee Aaron Judge at Linden High School in California and I have all four years (Freshman through Senior year) of his high school yearbooks. All books are unwritten in and are in really good condition. This is a fantastic collection that I doubt anyone else has (other than perhaps Aaron himself). If you are a fan of Aaron Judge and a fan of the New York Yankees, this is a once in a lifetime opportunity to own a piece of MLB history. As I have no idea what these are worth, I am open to any reasonable Best Offer.

The things are going to sell. It’s just a matter of when and for how much.

In the meantime…pictures!