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Jamey Wright: I Wasn’t Very Good

Look up “journeyman” in the dictionary and you’re bound to find, alongside a host of others, a picture of Jamey Wright.

To put it all into perspective, the pitcher was only the second first round draft pick in Colorado Rockies history back in 1993 and after 19 years in the bigs…called nine other teams home.

Monday, Wright’s attempt at a comeback with the Los Angeles Dodgers was put to sleep.

“Sometimes I’d throw a pitch and I’d ask myself, ‘Was I even looking at the glove when I threw that pitch?”‘ Wright said. “My focus and everything has been somewhere else.”

Oh…but Wright wasn’t done. His epic retirement speech had only just begun.

“My plan is to go home and be involved with my family,” Wright continued. “I’ve got three beautiful children. I wasn’t a very good baseball player, but I’ve got a Hall of Fame wife. She’s the greatest. So back to daddy duty right now, and we’ll figure it out from there.”

Wright finished his career with a 97-130 record and a 4.81 earned-run average.