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Jerry Seinfeld Has Advice for Steroid Users

Jerry Seinfeld has a lot of thoughts about a lot of things.

Recently, the diehard baseball fan did an interview with Jimmy Traina from FOX Sports and of all the things that came up…the pair talked steroids. And Seinfeld was on point.

"Somebody like Mark McGwire or Sammy Sosa or Alex Rodriguez needs to come out and really mount a campaign about how ‘this crap ruined my life kids, don’t do it’ and be out front and be the spokesman," the New York Mets fan said. "Say 'I am now going to use what happened to me to help some kid not do it'. Why hasn’t someone done that?"

Good question.

It's almost as if a lot of these players suspected of steroid use think that if they don't address the allegations (to McGwire's credit, he has…kinda), they'll just disappear.  But why not get out in front of the issue and instead of sweeping it under the rug, try and teach others to not follow in your footsteps?