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Jose Canseco Appears in Latest Piranha Sharks Trailer

Remember in April, when it was revealed that Jose Canseco was going to be appearing in some B-movie called “Piranha Sharks”?

Well, the soon-to-be classic movie about what happens when you bio-engineer great white sharks to be the size of piranhas has a new trailer out and, you guessed it, our favorite former American League MVP appears at the tail end.

If you’re thinking Canseco’s scene feels like it was tacked on last minute…it’s because it was.  The “should be Hall of Famer” didn’t shoot his cameo until months after the movie was already completed.

Joining Canseco (and his chapstick) in his feature film(?) debut are a few other familiar faces…Hercules himself, Kevin Sorbo (as the mayor of New York!), former “Big Brother” contestant GinaMarie Zimmerman and everyone’s favorite head-toting WWE Superstar, Al Snow.

Now, I’m not sure when “Piranha Sharks” comes out…but my guess is Christmas!