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Jose Canseco: Movie Star

Remember in April, when it was revealed that Jose Canseco was going to be appearing in some B-movie called “Piranha Sharks”?

Welp, phone the neighbors and wake the kids, because as of Friday, “Piranha Sharks” is available to, finally, be seen.  But don’t worry, you won’t have to head to the multiplex and fight the crowds to see this gem…it’s available online for a low, low price.

Now, I only bring up Canseco’s cameo in “Piranha Sharks” so I can seamlessly transition into this.  Turns out, the former slugger’s scene isn’t the first time he’s been up on the silver screen and, coincidentally, his previous “appearance” has a little something to do with another movie that debuts Friday…“Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles”.

No, no, Canseco doesn’t actually show up in Michael Bay’s version…but he was referenced in the 1990 movie that marked the foursome’s celluloid debut.

And, yeah, should you want to watch the entire fight scene Raphael and Casey Jones…that’s available too!