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Jose Canseco: “Some Players in the Hall of Fame” Have Used Steroids

And just like that…the second episode of Jose Canseco's new podcast is in the books. 

Now, I promise you, I'm only going to be bringing up "Canseco Knows Best" if the former slugger discussing something good.  But let's face it, with Canseco at the healm…there's bound to be something good every week.

In the inaugural installment, the former "Bash Brother" touched on the Boston Marathon bombings, Alex Rodriguez and, naturally, that fight with Shaquille O'Neal that never happened.  This time, after Canseco broke down his affection for painting dragons, he touched on, you guessed it…steroids.

"How can just you say that the steroid era didn't happen?" the New York Times bestselling author of Juiced hypothetically asked the baseball writers.  "Some of the players that have already been inducted (in the Hall of Fame) used steroids by the way.  There are some players in the Hall of Fame that used performance enhancing drugs or chemicals."

Naturally, Canseco didn't name names (episode three perhaps?), but it does make you want to speculate who he might have been referring to as he did share a clubhouse with seven current Hall of Famers…Wade Boggs, Dennis Eckersley, Rich Gossage, Rickey Henderson, Reggie Jackson, Nolan Ryan and Don Sutton.

You can listen to the second episode of "Canseco Knows Best" HERE.