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Lou Piniella Doesn’t Want to Say “Raped”

Oh, Lou Piniella…you should think before you speak.  Instead of, well, the other way around.

The former player-turned skipper-turned broadcaster-turned skipper-turned broadcaster-turned skipper-now broadcaster was doing his job for the YES Network Wednesday during the New York Yankees-Boston Red Sox when he suggested the Toronto Blue Jays "raped" (yup) the Miami Marlins this off season.

Now, I don't want to say "Sweet Lou" should probably choose his words more wisely, but dude should probably choose his words more wisely.

***UPDATE***  It appears as though MLB decided against the internet hearing how anyone raped anything, they'll leave that up to CNN.  Zing!  But, this is what dude said…"I don't wanna say the word 'raped', but the Jays basically took a lot of talent from the Miami Marlins."  Ooops.

***UPDATE UPDATE***  Deadspin has video that hasn't been removed yet.

***Thanks The Score***