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Manny Ramirez Released by Rangers

It appears the "Manny Ramirez Experiment" is over in Arlington.

Tuesday, the Texas Rangers released Ramirez, who was trying to make a comeback with their Triple-A affiliate, the Round Rock Express.  In 108 at bats, the twelve-time All-Star was hitting just .259, with three home runs.

"Based on our evaluation, there was not a spot on the club for Manny at this time," Rangers GM Jon Daniels said in a statement.

I'm no fortune teller, but this has got to be the last go 'round for the 41-year-old outfielder, right?  I mean, who else is going to take a chance on a guy who twice (TWICE!) has been found in violation of the Major League drug policy and, at best, has a sketchy work ethic.

Well, it was fun while it lasted.