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Masahiro Tanaka Attempts to Catch Them All in Pokémon Commercial

Following the recent retirement and trades of some of their bigger name players, it’s safe to say the New York Yankees are without that marquee guy to strut his stuff on Madison Avenue.

Sure, sure, we all know about what Gary Sanchez is capable of and how Dellin Betances is a hometown guy. And, yeah, I suppose Chase Headley did appear in a longform spot for Coldwell Banker spot (yawn) after switching coasts a couple of years ago, but c’mon…we’re not at the point where any of them is going to front a Nike campaign.

Thankfully they do have Masahiro Tanaka and, surprisingly, dude is the one taking Derek Jeter’s place as the face of the franchise.

That is, if by “face of the franchise” you mean “star of a video game commercial”.

Yeah, that’s Tanaka in a Japanese commercial for the upcoming Pokémon Sun and Moon Nintendo 3DS video game and if this commercial shows you anything it’s this…this game is all about throwing that damn red and white ball.

Seriously, I know nothing about Pokémon, nor do I pretend to, but I couldn’t be less excited about a video game. It’s probably fun, but, hey…I’ll never know.