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Masahiro Tanaka Charters Plane…For Dog

Let's say you just got a new job and you need to move your family to New York…what would you do?

If you're newly inked Yankees pitcher Masahiro Tanaka, you charter your own plane.  The guy has to get from Tokyo to "The Big Apple"…no big deal, right?

But a 300-plus seat Dreamliner?!? 

Japan Airlines declined to disclose further details, but did confirm that the pitcher used one of its Boeing 787s for the one-way flight…at an estimated cost of $195,000.  The best part?  Dude used the plane to bring his wife, family dog (a brown toy poodle) and a few others to the States.

"It's a (chartered) private jet. It's not something the Yankees have prepared," Tanaka told reporters Sunday.

I would hope it wasn't something the Bombers set up.  Haven't they already paid enough?