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Michael Vick Crushes Walk-Off Home Run

Saturday, newly minted New York Jets quarterback Michael Vick and a bunch of his buddies got together to play a game of charity softball.

And since it was all part of the Team Vick Foundation’s “Mike Vick Weekend”, it was appropriate that the embattled football player won the thing with a walk-off home run.

Oh, and to celebrate…dude took the scenic route around the bases.

Now, it’s easy to dismiss Vick’s athleticism as “he’s an athlete…what did you expect?”, but this is a guy who, once upon a time, was actually selected in the MLB draft.  You see, following his spectacular freshman season at Virginia Tech (you know, the one where he led his Hokies to the BCS National Championship Game), the Colorado Rockies made him the 887th overall pick in the 2000 MLB draft.

”The way he ran around the field we figure he could track down some balls in the outfield at Coors Field,” Rockies scouting director Bill Schmidt said following the draft. ”It really wasn’t a big risk taking him at that point.”

Here’s the kicker…Vick hadn’t played baseball since he was a 13-year-old eighth grader.

”I didn’t believe them when they told me,” said Vick in a 2000 interview with USA Today.  ”I didn’t think anyone would be interested in me for baseball.”