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Murray Chass Continues to Confound

The age old question of “I wonder how Murray Chass is going to f*** up this year’s Hall of Fame vote this year?” has loomed since the ballots were sent out back in November.

Welp…wonder no more.

Sunday, the former New York Times writer-turned-(don’t call me a) blogger revealed his 2016 Hall of Fame vote. Vote. Singular.

Ken Griffey Junior.

That’s it.

Now, as reviled as Chass is, this actually bodes well for the longtime outfielder. A quick look back at his voting history and it’s proven, outside of his blind allegiance to Jack Morris, all Chass does is back the winning horses.

Don’t believe me…just ask Chass himself!

“I voted for one player this year, Griffey. I thought there were some other good players on the ballot of 32 but no other great ones. I believe only the great ones belong,” Chass wrote on his “web site”. “Last year I voted for the three players who received the most votes – Randy Johnson, Pedro Martinez and John Smoltz.”

Uh oh. Slow down there, Murray.

Chass, who has famously (and publicly) toyed with the idea of submitting a blank ballot never posted anything about his 2015 picks previously (and believe me…we would have all heard about it) and according to the BBWA, he wasn’t even among the 549 members who sent in their vote.

It would be very easy to pile on Chass for his idiocy and hypocrisy…but I’ll let Twitter do that.

How many days until pitchers and catchers report?