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Own a Piece of the Metrodome…Kinda

So…what do you get that Minnesota Twins fan who has everything?

Well, if you can find enough change between the cushions on your couch…you can buy a purse crafted from, get this, a piece of the Hubert H. Humphrey Metrodome roof.

Remember the video of the dome collapsing under the weight of a 2010 snowstorm?  Well, apparently, some three acres of the Teflon-coated fiberglass fabric was on its way to a landfill when folks from the Minnesota-based Duluth Pack got an idea to turn said material into “indestructible” handbags. 

And all it cost them was $4000.

"It's tough as nails," Duluth Pack president Tom Sega said of the material. "We found it very durable."

"You can't rip it. It's waterproof," Tim O'Phelan added.  "We were told it would take 1500 years for (the fabric) to decompose. This is a green story as well."

This…according to Gear Junkie.

Duluth Pack offers two bag types, a duffel and a purse-like tote. In what is a first for outdoors gear, the bags meld history and sports memorabilia with a functional product you can use traveling or for every day.

The bags were made available at the Minnesota State Fair, but they're not cheap.  The smaller one is going to run you $160, while the larger tote is three times that.

(h/t Deadspin)