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Pair of Red Sox to Shave for Charity

The beards are coming off!  Well…kind of.

They didn't have the biggest, most visible beards on the Boston Red Sox, but the cheek sweaters of World Series MVP David Ortiz and outfielder Shane Victorino will soon be no more.

“Since making their scraggly summer debut, the beards have been a symbol of team solidarity and Boston pride. Now that the 2013 season has come to a triumphant close, Gillette is helping Ortiz and Victorino feel their best with well-deserved shaves,” according to a statement from the company.  “The hometown heroes will start their offseason as champions well groomed and shaved.”

The Red Sox stars will be shorn at Gillette headquarters in Boston Monday.  Also joining in on the festivities, famed bullpen cop Steve Horgan and a fan to be named later.

No word on what Ortiz and Victorino's teammates are planning on doing with their chin curtains…but they have options.

One option comes from Dollar Shave Club.  The company isn't asking the players to shave, but, rather, braid their beards and attach a small sign to them.  On the sign…the name of the charity of the player's choosing.

“Dollar Shave Club has no official interest in shaving the facial talismans that brought a world series win to the beautiful, bearded borough of Boston,” said Michael Dubin, Chairman and CEO of Dollar Shave Club. “[We] will even send a braiding technician to their home or location of choice to help.”

According to the company, they'll donate $1000 to each displayed charity.

Another charitable offer on the table comes from 800Razors.com…the same company that offered Los Angeles Dodgers reliever Brian Wilson a cool million to lose his signature look.  The company would like members of the Red Sox to groom their facial hair down to mustaches for the entire month of November.

Should they keep their mustaches throughout the month…800Razors.com is planning on donating to the Movember charity in their names.