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R.A. Dickey’s Story Set to Hit the Big Screen

R.A. Dickey’s season has already gotten off to a good start.

The Toronto Blue Jays knuckleballer’s autobiography Wherever I Wind Up is set to be turned into a movie.  And, now, I know what you’re thinking, isn’t that basically what the documentary “Knuckleball” was?

And the short answer would be…kinda.

According to Deadline…actors Ben McKenzie and Logan Marshall-Green are joining forces with acclaimed author Buzz Bissinger to bring Dickey’s story to the silver screen.  You know the one…drafted by the Texas Rangers but they won’t pay him because his albow was missing a ligament, so he course corrected, started throwing a knuckleball and, at 38-years-old won the National League Cy Young Award while with the New York Mets?

Yeah…that one.

Unless you’ve been under a rock, you pretty much know everything you need to know about Dickey…but what about these other guys?

Bissinger is the scribe behind the popular book “Friday Night Lights”.  Both actors first starred on FOX’s “The O.C.”, but, soon, you can watch McKenzie as Detective Jim Gordon in the Batman-prequel series “Gotham, while Marshall-Green was, most recently, in “Prometheus”.

It should be noted that neither actor is looking to play the Dickey in the film.  So, I guess the question is…who should?