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Dodgers Rally Bear Hits Sochi

The last time we saw Rally Bear, it was Game Three of the 2013 NLCS and he was being escorted out of Dodger Stadium by security. 

But, now, and I hope you're sitting down…Rally Bear has hit Sochi!

That's right, Mark Monninger, er…um, Rally Bear recently took his act on the road to the Winter Olympics.

"My friend was a little nervous about me wearing the costume into the Olympic park and getting arrested. So, I only put the head in my backpack,” the 50-year-old office furniture salesman said.  “Nobody noticed or said anything to us.”

A far cry from his brief stint atop the St. Louis Cardinals dugout last fall.  But if you listen to Monninger, who says he only put on his famous bear mask for photo opportunities, Russia was far more welcoming than his well publicized trip to Chavez Ravine.

“Everything you heard about the Olympics was overblown and mostly untrue. We had no problems. In fact I saw no more security than normal for an event like this,” Monninger said via Facebook.  “All in all it was another good experience. Rio is only two years away, and then Korea in 2018! One thing for sure…the Rally Bear will probably be there to see it as well!”

We can't wait!