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Sammy Sosa is Delusional

By all accounts, Sammy Sosa should be a legend in Chicago, right?

In 1998, he, along with fellow slugger Mark McGwire helped bring baseball back into the mainstream.  After the season, Sosa won the National League MVP award.  He represented the Chicago Cubs in all seven of his All-Star Game appearances and, of his 609 career home runs, 545 of them came while playing for the team.

So why do the Wrigley faithful hate him?

In a nutshell, dude walked out on the team.  Literally.  Remember in 2004, when, 13 minutes after the first pitch, he walked out on his team?  How about months later, when, after being advertised as a guest for the Cubs annual fan convention, he failed to show?

Do we even need to discuss the corked bat(s) and steroid allegations?!?  Yeah, add all that up and that's why he's not beloved.

All that aside…dude thinks Cubs fans adore him even though no one has said a word about the team never inviting him back to sing the seventh inning stretch, never retiring his jersey (they've actually issued it to other players) or allowing him to come back to announce his retirement.

Yet, in a recent interview, he's pretty sure the team brass (and the fans) are itching for his return.

"I would be happy to go out there and be on Wrigley Field.  Make sure that people see me again, make sure that I'm there, because the memories they have about Sammy Sosa are big and the love that they have for me is big," Sosa told CSN Chicago.  "When the day comes, when the time is right, I'll be there."

Yup, the guy is delusional.  And I'm not even going to get into his alledged skin bleaching or changes in eye color.