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Sharknado to Hit Minor League Park

No promotion is bad promotion, right?

So when Lake County Captains assistant general manager Neil Stein saw an open night on the team's promo schedule (and a sudden interest in a certain SyFy movie)…he had an idea.

Thursday night is, wait for it…"Sharknado Night".

"We obviously had heard about the movie and thought it would be a fun promotion that our team could tackle and put our own spin on it like only a Minor League Baseball team can do," Stein told The Hall.  "Initially it was an e-mail to a few people on staff to see how many people had heard of the movie along with a couple minor ideas such as throwing sharks off the roof of the ballpark during the game and having some of our staff wear shark-related items that night."

Oh…but that was just the beginning for the Cleveland Indians Class-A affiliate.

In addition to the 400 sharks(!) flying around the ballpark as part of three separate sharknadoes (that’s how many sharknadoes happened in the movie), fans at Classic Park will also be treated to shark tattoos made of shark repellant, shark races throughout the game and about a dozen other shark-related activities.

"The response both locally and nationally has been great. After our press release about the promo, several national sites commented on it," Stein added.  "(Unfortunately), no one from SyFy has reached out to us about the promotion. We did try to contact Cassie Scerbo from the movie to see if she would throw out the first pitch tomorrow night, but we never received a response from her. That would have been the icing on the cake for any Sharknado promotion."


For more information (or to buy tickets)…click HERE!