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Kuz: Knicks and Kristaps Porzingis Have Resolved Any Issues

While Carmelo Anthony’s future with the Knicks remains in limbo, sidekick Kristaps Porzingis has made up with the club over any existent issues. Things are A-OK.

At least that’s what teammate and friend Mindaugas Kuzminskas seems to think. Upon seeing Porzingis, who traveled to Lithuania to attend his teammate’s wedding, Kuzminskas got the impression that “if there [were] some problems I think they solved everything. No doubt [Porzingis] wants to be a Knick and he’s said that.’’

Speaking with the New York Post, Kuzminskas added “I don’t think it was something personal against the club.”

Of course, it was Phil Jackson’s poor treatment of and disregard for Anthony that motivated Porzingis to skip out on his exit meeting with team brass. Jackson then went on to publicly admit being open to trading the budding young star and add that he was entertaining offers from opposing teams. Porzingis’ may not have had a personal issue with the team, but Jackson instead. Now that the latter is no longer bleeding orange and blue, Porzingis may be able to rest assured knowing that his future with the Knicks is bright.

Kuzminskas’ acquisition was largely in part due to Clarence Gaines’ special eye for underrated talent. During Jackson’s tenure, the Knicks did excel in scouting, both on the collegiate and international level. The 27 year old was a prime example, showing athleticism, attack, quickness, and even the potential to develop a more consistent shot from long range. He’ll need to up his defensive awareness and find more fluidity in his jumper, but Kuzminskas can still make a positive impact off the bench. He’s a high energy player who, as an NBA rookie last season, suggested New York was only beginning to scratch the surface with him.

“I feel young, my best years are in front of me,’’ Kuzminskas told The Post. “I’m excited but you never know what’s going to happen.”

For now, Kuzminskas is providing the team’s fan base with a reason to be optimistic with his update on Porzingis.

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