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FINAL RECAP WITH HIGHLIGHTS: WCF Game 1 – Warriors (1-0) Mount Huge Comeback Against San Antonio Spurs (0-1), 113-111

ORACLE ARENA, OAKLAND, CA — This is a continuation of the halftime recap of the San Antonio Spurs at the Golden State Warriors, Game 1 of the 2017 Western Conference Finals.

The Spurs took a 62-42 lead into halftime.

[write-up coming soon! Here are notes…]

Kerr addressed team
Steph upfake pau runner 44-62 11:41
Lma fade dg, touchdown za 46-62**

Kl draw kd wow******** 46-62 10:58 46-64
Steph right 3 dg pnr 49-64
Lma top 3 via dan lost ball on floor 49-67
Kd right 3 za, steph 3 52-67 9:59***
Kl left corn 3 over kd 52-70 kl ankle
Steph pm draw, kd drive pau blk dan run out 52-72
Steph upfake drive tov to kd left wing, kl sub out***** stepped on dlee foot bench,
Js right 3 buzz 52-75
Steph right 3 over pau 55-75 pop timeout 8:44***

Dan lost ball tech dg kl 55-76

Dg bad pass to steph, kl left corn fade phantom call za******* kl 55-78 hobbling no place to land
Dan take vs steph to sub out kl, steph to za fade 57-78 7:42**
Lma bad za deflect to pm, steph pnr right 3 fall vs lma 60-78 7:20*********
Za klay double lma***, kd draw intr 60-78 7:03 timeout pop*****

Js top 3 dl oreb**, lma left fade za tap reb, klay to dg draw 62-78 6:18 64-78
Oracle on feet, lma post draw za, lost ball side dan vs steph bad call, lma alley foiled by dg****, kd at rim 66-78 5:41
Dl blk by za via pm steph, klay at rim miss kd carom to klay right 3 69-78 5:11*******

Manu upfake za held groung, steph drib pull long two 71-78 4:43**** teimout pop

Steph deflect kyle to kd dunk 73-78 4:27******

Lma fade over dg drape 73-80
Steph draw 73-80 4:02 ½ 74-80 kawhi officially out
Manu lefty 74-82 3:45
Steph pull ft 76-82*****
Manu x za 76-84
Kd right 3 steph oreb fade, manu left 3 over dg za, kd charge manu 3rd pf… https://twitter.com/bballbreakdown/status/863868423373111297/video/1

…, ? sdot lost ball manu, lma post lost ball off foot, steph left 3 sdot, mb top 3 back sdot, kd rev draw 76-84 1:50 78-84**
? steph reb kd right 3 off, kyle to dm touch and one pf4 hand on back 78-86***
Za draw 79-86 ½
Kyle 79-88 30
Za 9.4 via steph rev 81-88
Dm airball kyle put buzz 81-90****

Steph highlights q3

Js upfake good ic 81-92
Klay top 3, Klay steal, ic left 3 intr 84-92 https://twitter.com/warriors/status/863872162901315584/video/1
Kyle double clutch js no good, dw draw pau 84-92 10:11 85-92 ½
Js air, dw bad pass ic cut, js lost ball dw, klay right post fade over pm, kyle to lma dw front court pressure nearly 8 sec and one draw sdot 85-94 8:53 85-94 timeout

Klay tov, Anderson miss, another tov dubs sloppy, kd trey 88-94
La miss jumper,* kd big slam after cross 90-94 7:20 timeout https://twitter.com/KNBR/status/863873766190792704/video/1

La miss jumper, steph air three, tip in by spurs 96-90
Kd bigtime three 93-96
Manu made layup, Kd with the middy 95-98
Shaun with a huge slam 97-98
Murray clutch layup, *Shaun clutch and-1 hook* miss ft 100-99
Kd clutch floater 101-100
Klay block mills three dubs ball, timeout 100-101, dray off reb putin 103-100
La 2/2 fts, kd tov, La made jumper 104-103
Klay miss 3, simmons fouled 2/2 fts 106-103
*3 off reb steph splash* 106-106
Simmons miss jumper, *dray and-1 layup* 109-106
La miss turnaround, Steph made layup 111-106
Manu made slam, Klay tov and foul mills 2/2 fts 110-111
**Steph huge clutch floater 113-110**
Mills fouled with 0.5 left ½ fts FINAL DUBS WIN 113-111