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Draymond Green thinks Kelly Olynyk is a dirty player. Like, seriously.

On the newest episode of the Uninterrupted podcast, Draymond Green had the following words for Kelly Olynyk:

He’s dirty. Dirty player. Man, I don’t respect guys like that. I know he’s not like the greatest basketball player of all-time so maybe he feel like he gotta like do that. Just dirty. I don’t respect that, man. He’s dirty.

Green elaborated a bit, saying there’s a big difference between “veteran moves” and intentionally trying to hurt players.

I assume Green thinks his distinguished resume of nut shots falls under the category of “veteran moves.”

I feel silly defending Kelly Olynyk because he might be the least dirty player in the NBA. In fact, I wish he had a mean streak. I wish there was some Bill Laimbeer DNA inside Olynyk.

Fans in Cleveland and Washington will point to two singular plays against Kevin Love and Kelly Oubre as evidence. I’ll counter with the fact that Olynyk has amassed a whopping ZERO flagrant fouls during his 4 seasons in the league.

People will crow about Olynyk’s knack for the arm bar without acknowledging that it’s used by just about every big man in the game.

Call him uncoordinated. Call him timid. Call him whatever you want. Just don’t call him dirty. Save that label for guys like Markieff Morris (9 flagrants, 57 techs) and Green (9 flagrants, 56 techs).