Aaron Rodgers Defined The Parameters For His Return To The New York Jets

New York Jets quarterback Aaron Rodgers

During his latest appearance on ESPN’s Pat McAfee Show on Tuesday, November 28, 2023, New York Jets quarterback Aaron Rodgers defined parameters that would need to be in place for his return to the team this season.

Despite what others have said or reported, Rodgers did not indicate that it was a foregone conclusion he would play this season.

He explained that hurdles needed to be overcome.

The first hurdle is that he has to be healthy.

Though progressing positively, he was adamant in his admission that he is not there yet.

When he is healthy, his return could be contingent upon if it helps the team.

The Jets are 4-7, third in the AFC East division behind the 8-3 Miami Dolphins and the 6-6 Buffalo Bills.

That could mean that the Jets would need to be on the brink of qualifying for postseason play for Rodgers to return.

All of this makes sense for Rodgers who turns 40 on December 2.

Rodgers should not put himself through the rigors of a contact sport if the team is not headed to the playoffs.

He has been on the sidelines enough to see how the offensive line is performing; even if he is healthy, he does not want to take any unnecessary hits that will hinder his 2024 return.

It is premature to definitively say if we will see Rodgers on the field as the Jets QB1 this season, but given the conditions, the reality is that it is unlikely.

Ironically, Rodgers was at the Black Friday game at MetLife Stadium when Dolphins linebacker Jaelan Phillips tore his Achilles.

Rodgers had a moment on the field with Phillips immediately after the injury and has been in touch with him since they interacted on the field.


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