AC Milan Fans Can Now Participate in Club Decision-Making


AC Milan, one of the most popular football clubs in the world, is keeping up with the times and is willing to increase fans’ engagement in a rather appealing way. Recently, they have announced a launch of $ACM, a Fan Token on Socios, a reward platform for sports lovers. Circle 11th February on your calendar and be among the first to vote for AC Milan’s decisions!

This platform is truly amazing. The Socios membership allows choosing the names of stadiums, colours of the uniform, charity initiatives, and much more. And that’s not all: Socios allows receiving signed jerseys and meeting their heroes. Fans are no longer side observers but active participants of the game. Plus, with the sharp growth of the sports betting industry in New Zealand more and more users want to make money and Fan Tokens give a great opportunity to understand how the crypto market works.

AC Milan Fans Can Now Participate in Club Decision-Making

To make this event happen, Milan has partnered with Chilliz, a blockchain company. The club became the 20th football partner of Socios along with FC Barcelona, AS Roma, Atletico de Madrid, and Juventus. These teams have already seen significant advantages of becoming closer to the fanbase and no wonder that AC Milan decided to do the same.

Holders of the $ACM Fan Token will have access to numerous advantages. For example, participating in every season’s decisions, obtaining exclusive rewards, enjoying closed events, and being recognized as Super Fans. Isn’t it a dream coming true for every supporter?

To explain how AC Milan’s fans can benefit from this launch, let us explore examples of the clubs that have already been teaming up with Socios. For example, FC Apollon gives fans an opportunity to vote for the 2021/2022 season home and away kits. Users can also choose the team for the first friendly match of the season.

Juventus fans also receive numerous advantages. They have an opportunity to choose the goal celebration music, as well as the team bus of the upcoming season. They can even vote for the logo’s redesign. Other teams also don’t lag behind. FC Barcelona supporters choose artwork for the main dressing room, Roma fans ask Paolo Fonseca questions in a live mode, and PSG supporters – help to pick awards at the end of the season.

AC Milan Fans Can Now Participate in Club Decision-Making

But why is Socios so popular and what makes so many users install the app and create an account? First of all, it is a non-financial and consumer-centred blockchain product. During a single year, it has been downloaded by almost half a million users who have purchased more than 14 million Fan Tokens.

And if you are still a bit sceptical about crypto and the possible revenues or its stability, just get familiar with the numbers: within a year Fan Tokens have generated more than $30 million and are already listed on the international exchanges.

Those who decide to purchase $ACM Fan Token before the official launch, are rewarded with unique features. The Locker Tokens will be transformed into Fan Tokens after the release date and will add a few perks to your account.

The AC Milan representatives can’t hold back their joy. Casper Stylsvigs, the team’s representative, says that engaging with 450 million international fans is crucial for the team. Especially in the times when so many people are locked in their homes and can’t attend stadiums and games. The club wants to focus on modernization and teaming up with Socios is one of the most effective ways to do that.

According to Alexandre Dreyfus, Socios’ founder, AC Milan fans will significantly benefit from the $ACM launch. They will influence the decisions, participate in polls, receive personalized promotions, communicate with team members, and much more. He believes that adding new clubs to the list of partners will help Socios to build a strong reputation and to make Fan Tokens a powerful instrument of the sports industry.

Who knows, maybe we are witnessing the appearance of a completely new football? A football, where fans can become a part of the game, make decisions, and get familiar with their favourite players in-person. If you are as excited as we are, don’t miss an opportunity to help your beloved teams and become an active participant.

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