Benefits of CBD Oil for sports and athletes


Anyone who has played (or plays) a sport knows the pains and aches that inevitably result from it. Often full contact sports include performing defensive moves, over-stressing joints, and suffering repeated blows to your head and body.

Nonetheless, sports related injuries mean taking time away from sporting, which results in fear of losing the ‘competitive edge,’ and possibly sponsorship or prize money, should you take the time you need to recuperate.

Fortunately, sports leagues have started to consider cannabis since cannabidiol (CBD), a prevalent cannabinoid in cannabis, can support athletic performance, and also recovery from training. In addition, unlike THC, CBD does not trigger failed drug tests.

Is CBD good for athletes and sports?

The most common method used in dealing with pain occurrences among amateurs and pros alike is taking anti-inflammatory drugs and opioids like NSAIDs. But what some realise is that even the everyday drugs are accompanied by many different side effects and this includes death.

According to CBD Assist, use of CBD Oil and medical cannabis products provides non-addictive, non-toxic, side-effect-free alternative for dealing with acute and chronic pain. Despite global efforts in cannabis legalisation, and the legality of this hemp-based product in many countries, many professional sports authorities don’t approve of its use. While CBD’s medicinal and therapeutic applications remain a heated topic, research continues to evidence what some athletes have anecdotally known for decades: that CBD and cannabis could be a viable method of relieving pain without the devastating side-effects.

Benefits of CBD oil  

Everyone can use CBD safely and even effectively and this includes the daily walker, the occasional runners, to true weekend warriors, and the pro-athletes. 


  • Improves Performance


Improving performance results from CBD’s ability to reduce anxiety without causing alteration in thinking or subjective highs. Laboratory research on humans confirms that CBD lessens anxiety, even in all tough situation. Many athletes reiterate that CBD helps them face big contests without getting anxious, yet keeping their minds sharp for strategising and making split-second decisions.


  • Enhances Recovery


CBD helps speed up workout recovery. Different from other anti-inflammatories, CBD doesn’t increase certain stroke rates or harm the stomach’s lining. Research shows that CBD checks the main contributors of swelling, inflammation, and soreness thus protecting muscle cells. Also, the molecule’s delightful sleep enhancement abilities make recovery quick and efficient. New information on the ability of CBD to balance out immune function indicates that it could prevent those annoying colds that interfere with training sessions.


  • Prevent Traumatic Brain Injury


Additionally, CBD’s known anti-inflammatory ability makes it ideal in helping recovery from training and injury. Animal research has shown that the traumatic effects of suffering brain injury reduce significantly by using CBD. So, those who play the rough-and-tumble games may consider CBD as a recovery regiment. A CBD dose after suffering a bump on the head could work well for you if included to your concussion protocol. CBD has no intoxicating effects and its anti-oxidant properties will literally prevent the death of brain cells.

Additional benefits of CBD for athletes include:

Nausea: As an effective antiemetic, CBD helps with nausea and that feeling of sickness experienced during intense physical training sessions. 

Appetite Stimulation: Indirectly CBD stimulates appetite, helping for example, power-lifters and MMA fighters to consume the additional calories necessary for muscle building.

Muscle Spasms: Trauma, damage to spinal cord or nerves, strained muscles, and dehydration, often leads to uncomfortable muscle spasms that can be treated using CBD. 

Concussion Protection: CBD is able to disrupt the chemical flow during a concussion that could cause brain cells death. Hence, CBD acts as a neuroprotectant. 

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CBD as a Sports Recovery Regiment

The anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving properties of CBD Oil makes it a preferable —and debatable—supplement for pro athletes.

Many are familiar with the ‘runner’s high’, that feeling of contentment and hard-earned bliss that washes over you following an intense exercising session.

Interestingly, this euphoria is caused entirely by endorphins, which is contrary to what was earlier thought, but in part results from anandamide – fatty acid neurotransmitters that are almost similar to THC. Anandamides are detectable at higher levels following exercising.

Anandamide is a ‘bliss chemical’naturally produced in the body and is responsible for pain-relief, feelings of euphoria, relaxation and well-being. CBD will directly increase the levels of anandamide available to the body, leading to increased benefits, and lowering of side-effects. Meaning, you’ll enjoy your workout routine.

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