Calvin Booth Weighs in on Former Players

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The Denver Nuggets are coming off their first title in franchise history. A big architect of that success was GM (general manager), Calvin Booth, who learned a lot from former GM, Tim Connelly. In a recent interview, Booth talked about a couple former players. Some of his comments have been taken out of context though and make more sense when you listen to the whole interview. However, the highlights were still what he said about Bones Hyland and Bruce Brown.

Nuggets GM, Calvin Booth, Talks About Bruce Brown and Bones Hyland

His Comments About Bones Hyland

Booth did not mince words when discussing the situation that happened with Bones Hyland.

“I knew you couldn’t have two guys that couldn’t guard, and we couldn’t have two guys that were young and kind of more ‘me guys,’” Booth said. “Mike makes $30 million. He’s one of the best shooters in the NBA. So, Bones, there’s no place for you.”

Of course, Calvin Booth is also referring to starting small forward, Michael Porter. It should be noted that Porter has become a lot more selfless and more team oriented since then and his defensive performances in the playoffs prove this sentiment. Porter is still a lethal scorer, but if one watches his game closely last season, they can see growth in all areas of his game. As for Bones Hyland, he is now a member of the Los Angeles Clippers and is having a hard time gaining meaningful minutes. All in all, the Nuggets made the correct decision moving on from Hyland considering they went on to win the NBA Finals.

Calvin Booth’s Remarks About Bruce Brown

Booth’s comments about former sixth man, Bruce Brown, raised some eyebrows.

“Some of these teams were trying to get Bruce, trying to make it worth it; it’s like, just be careful what you wish for,” Booth said about the rivals that pursued Brown. “Peyton’s bigger. He’s longer. He’s more athletic. He guards better. He passes better. He doesn’t have the experience, and he’s not as good offensively yet, but we need defense more than we need offense on our team.”

Calvin Booth and the team have high hopes for Peyton Watson. As for Bruce Brown, he departed for the Indiana Pacers this offseason and signed a two-year, $45 million contract. While some will say Calvin Booth was taking shots at these former players, the fact of the matter is that is far from the truth. He and the organization simply have high hopes for their young talent this coming season.

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