Darren Waller Announces Retirement

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The New York Giants are losing some firepower in the passing game. Their star tight end, Darren Waller, is officially retiring at age 31 from the NFL.

“I’ve decided to retire from the game of football,” he wrote separately on Instagram. “To God: what a journey, and thank you. We took it way farther than I ever could have imagined! So grateful for all the ppl I’ve been able to connect and create memories with along the way. We still got plenty more life left to live. Love you all. Peace.”

With his retirement, the New York Giants will save a total of $11.6 million in cap money while only taking a $2.5 million hit in dead money. Waller, one of the premier tight ends in the league, is more known for his time with the Oakland/Las Vegas Raiders. He is a one-time Pro-Bowler and was known as one the best pass-catchers in the league at one time. He spent last season with the New York Giants and also started his career with the Baltimore Ravens. While Darren never won a Super Bowl throughout his career, he will still go down as one of the most underrated tight ends in NFL history.

New York Giants Tight End, Darren Waller, Announces Retirement at Age 31

Darren Waller’s Career With the Raiders 

As alluded to already, Darren Waller broke through during his time with the Raiders. During his Raiders tenure, he logged 286 catches, 3,469 receiving yards, and 12.1 yards per receptions. On top of this, the one-time Pro-Bowler also recorded 5.1 receptions per game, 61.9 yards per game, and a catch percentage of 70.8 percent. During his time with the Raiders, he was one of quarterback’s, Derek Carr’s , favorite receiving threats. The Raiders traded the star tight end in March of 2023.

His Tenure With the New York Giants

After being traded to the New York Giants, Darren Waller’s impact certainly took a dip. However, much of that could be attributed to inconsistent quarterback play. During his one season with the New York Giants, he recorded numbers of 52 receptions for 552 receiving yards, one receiving touchdown, 10.6 yards per reception, and a catch percentage of 70.3 percent.

Not to mention, Waller also logged a success rate of 56.8 percent, 4.3 receptions per game, and 10.6 yards per reception. These numbers certainly show that he fell short of expectations after being a star for the Raiders organization. All in all, Darren Waller can retire knowing he made a significant impact during his NFL career.

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