How Did The Round 2 Of World Cup 2022 Group Matches Compare To Previous Years For Goals?

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So, that’s round 2 of World Cup 2022 Group matches completed, but how does this set of fixtures compare to previous tournaments for goals scored? We take a look at the total goals scored over the second round of the 2022 FIFA World Cup.

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World Cup 2022 Second Round Group Games Produced 40 Goals

Brazil World Cup 2022 Richarlison

After the World Cup 2022 second round of Group games we saw another 40 goals added to the tally of 41 that were scored during the first 16 matches.

So, after 32 fixtures that’s a total of 81 World Cup 2022 goals scored with plenty more to come!

The 81 goals scored is still a massive 13 short of the 94 notched at the 2014 Brazil World Cup after the first two set of group games.

The 40 goals scored during the second phase of group games was, however, still a massive seven fewer than that stage at the Russia 2018 World Cup Finals (see our table below), and five less than 2014 in Brazil.

The 2022 tally of 40 works out at an average of 2.5 goals per game, which is down from 2.93 (2018) and 2.81 (2014).

Plus, if it wasn’t for the Cameroon vs Serbia 3-3 thriller, on the final day of the second round of group games – where we saw six goals scored – this tally would have been even lower (more on this game below).

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World Cup Round TWO Group Game Total Goals (16 Matches)
World Cup 2022 (Qatar)
World Cup 2018 (Russia)
World Cup 2014 (Brazil)
Total Goals Scored 40 47 45
Average Goals per Match 2.5 2.93 2.81
Match With Most Goals Cameroon 3-3 Serbia (6) Belgium 5-2 Tunisia (7)
England 6-1 Panama (7)
Switzerland 2-5 France
Number Of Draws 4 (25%) 2 (12.5%) 4 (25%)
Number Of 0-0 Draws 1 (6%) 0 (0%) 2 (12.5%)
Both Teams Scored 7 (44%) 8 (50%) 8 (50%)
Both Teams DIDN’T Score 9 (56%) 8 (50%) 8 (50%)
Over 2.5 Goals Scored 5 (31%) 9 (56%) 9 (56%)
Under 2.5 Goals Scored 11 (69%) 7 (44%) 7 (44%)
Over 3.5 Goals Scored 4 (25%) 4 (25%) 6 (38%)
Under 3.5 Goals Scored 12 (75%) 12 (75%) 10 (62%)
Total Goals Scored From Round One 41 38 49
Total Goals Scored From Round One & Two 81 85 94

Which World Cup 2022 Games Saw The Most Goals From Round Two?

We witnessed Ghana involved in their second 3-2 game, but after being on the wrong side of that scoreline against Portugal in their opening World Cup 2022 match, they turned things around with a 3-2 victory over South Korea in the second round.

However, this five-goal haul still wasn’t good enough to get the title of the ‘second round game with the most goals’, as this went to the Cameroon vs Serbia match on Monday Nov 28.

After taking the lead in the game, Cameroon fell behind near half-time after two quick Serbia goals and with Fulham’s Mitrovic adding a third for Serbia in the 53rd minute, Cameroon looked doomed.

However, a spirited fightback from the African side saw goals in the 63rd and 66 minutes to earn Cameroon a 3-3 draw – with six goals in total, this fixture produced the most strikes from the round two matches.

Despite this total of six goals, it still wasn’t enough to beat the seven goals that were scored in the Belgium vs Tunisia, England vs Panama and Switzerland vs France fixtures during the 2018 and 2014 World Cups at this this stage.

USA vs England The Only 0-0 Draw From Round Two World Cup Matches

USA World Cup Soccer

The World Cup 2022 round one games saw four 0-0 draws (25% of the 16 fixtures), but as the action moved into the second round of group matches it was only the USA vs England clash that ended up goalless.

This compares to not a single 0-0 draw at this stage at the Russia 2018 World Cup Finals, but in 2014 at Brazil there were two.

69% Of Second Phase Group Games Went Under 2.5 Goals

More cagey games from round two as 11 of the 16 fixtures produced UNDER 2.5 GOALS (2 or less), which works out at a 69% strike-rate for backers of low-scoring games during this phase.

This compares to only 7 matches in 2018 and 2014 going Under 2.5 goals at recent World Cups.

Results For Round Two Group Games: World Cup 2022

Group A
Qatar 1-3 Senegal
Netherlands 1-1 Ecuador

Group B
Wales 0-2 Iran
USA 0-0 England

Group C
Poland 2-0 Saudi Arabia
Argentina 2-0 Mexico

Group D
Tunisia 0-1 Australia
France 2-1 Denmark

Group E
Japan 0-1 Costa Rica
Spain 1-1 Germany

Group F
Belgium 0-2 Morocco
Croatia 4-1 Belgium

Group G
Cameroon 3-3 Serbia
Brazil 1-0 Switzerland

Group H
South Korea 2-3 Ghana
Portugal 2-0 Uruguay

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