NFL Free Agency 2022: Best Wide Receivers Still Available as Free Agents

The 2022  NFL free agency frenzy has come and gone but there still has a lot to offer in terms of big name wide receivers. In today’s pass-first league, having above average wide receivers is a must, no matter who you are. While these top five receivers still available may not be what they once were, they still can be key contributors on the right NFL team. Without further adieu, let’s take a look at the best available wide receivers who are free agents and still looking for a job in the NFL.

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Best Remaining NFL Free Agents: Wide Receivers

1. Odell Beckham Jr. 

Odell Beckham proved in the Super Bowl that he still has plenty left in the tank. Sadly for him, the injury bug struck again. Whoever signs OBJ is going to have to wait until mid-season to reap the benefits of his productivity and that is the best case scenario. With this in mind, it is safe to say the only teams he will be eyeing to join are contending teams. At this age, OBJ has no interest in joining a rebuilding team, especially coming off a Super Bowl victory with the loaded Los Angeles Rams.

Best Fits: Green Bay Packers, Baltimore Ravens, Kansas City Chiefs

2. Julio Jones

Julio Jones once upon a time was the best wide receiver in football. There was no question about it either. That ship has sailed, but it can be argued he did not get a fair chance this past season with the Tennessee Titans. The injury bug struck him, but it is hard to envision a world where Julio Jones does not have a job in the NFL. He can still be a key mentor to a young receiving core and be a serviceable second or third option for a young quarterback.

Best Fits: New England Patriots, Indianapolis Colts, Buffalo Bills

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3. T.Y. Hilton

T.Y. Hilton was a staple in the Colts’ receiving core for years. He made a name for himself with Andrew Luck as his quarterback and continued to produce under the myriad of Indianapolis quarterbacks that followed. Hilton is older now and is no longer a number one option, but he could still be a nice third option or even slot receiver in the right offense. On the veteran minimum, signing T.Y. Hilton could be one of the best, yet overlooked signing depending on where he goes.

Best Fits: New England Patriots, Buffalo Bills, Houston Texans

4. Emmanuel Sanders

Ever since winning Super Bowl 50, Emmanuel Sanders has been hungry to taste championship success again. He has came close the past few seasons as he was on contenders like the Bills and Saints, but keeps coming up just short. With this in mind, teams who have a realistic chance of signing ES10 are Super Bowl contenders. At his age, Sanders is looking to get a second ring and possibly ride off into the sunset like his Denver Broncos quarterback, Peyton Manning, did in 2015.

Best Fits: Green Bay Packers, Buffalo Bills, Baltimore Ravens

5. Cole Beasley

Cole Beasley is still one of the most serviceable slot receivers the NFL has to offer. He was a solid second option for Josh Allen the last couple of years. Despite some of his controversial views, there is still a market for a guy like Cole Beasley. A dependable slot receiver can be a quarterback’s best friend and safety blanket in today’s NFL. Many teams could be eyeing Beasley as we speak.

Best Fits: Cleveland Browns, Miami Dolphins, Kansas City Chiefs