NY Giants Will Fire HC Ben McAdoo Monday or Tuesday

NY Giants Head Coach Ben McAdoo will be fired tomorrow, or Tuesday at the latest. This is not a fact, but it will happen.

NY Giants owner John Mara gambled on a win in San Francisco, and it actually got worse, as the lowly 0-9 Niners put a beating to the Giants. The Giants are now 1-8. The final score of 31-21 belies a game where the Giants were undressed again. The Giants scored a garbage time TD, else 31-13 was more what it looked like. Mara calculated that a win would calm the masses, and that he could somehow get this Hindenburg to land at the end of December. We noted after last week’s beatdown at the hands of the Rams that Mara should not wait.. just fire McAdoo now. Mara is already part of the problem, and now he has little choice but to do what he has always said he would not- make an intraseason move.

The Defense has given up. Like a temperamental child screaming for attention, Defensive players have acted out in the worst (un)professional way. If you want to learn a few things about parenting, read “How to Listen So Kids Will Talk and Talk So Kids Will Listen.” (Lol Ben, try that self-help book.) The players & coach are in the book, brooding and not communicating to each other like a dysfunctional parent & obstinate child. CBs Janoris Jenkins and Eli Apple are loafers. That is a polite word for quitters. Scoring plays vs the Niners look like replays vs the Rams. Gashes. Embarrassment. Duggan reported on Twitter that the Locker Room remained closed for an “exceptionally long time.” That means heads are going to roll. Mara probably lashed into his million dollar children for their embarrassing play. Tomorrow it will be McAdoo’s turn to face the music, sans lecture. He’ll just get shown the door.

GM Jerry Reese’s turn will likely come at the end of the season. It is Reese who fields these LBers who can’t cover. It is Reese who has no OL depth, allowing RT Bobby Hart to come back in in relief of starter Justin Pugh. It is Reese who re-signs JPPCrickets to $62M and $40M guaranteed.

The Giants were actually the better team today… for about a little less than half the game. That’s when the gashing began. That an inept 0-9 team could be made to look competent, let alone powerful, is symptomatic of the underachievement that has been taking place all season. The Rams loss was an exclamation point. This loss to the Niners is the final wakeup call to anyone still in denial. Examples of Denial? (1) Reese saying “Don’t count us out yet. We’ve been left for dead before.” (2) McAdoo saying “I believe we have a run in us.” (3) Mara not firing McAdoo after last week’s exclamation point.

With the Niners and Giants tied with 1 win, and SF having beat the Giants, the Giants are currently picking 2nd overall as of this moment in the 2018 NFL Draft. Good. This is a strong crop of QBs, so Davis Webb or not, the new GM will be smart to draft a blue chip QB (Darnold, Rosen?). I’d like to think the Giants will not get many times to be picking ~2nd overall.

It is time to start scratching Geno Smith and start dressing Davis Webb. Webb needs to start playing mop up, and once the Giants are mathematically eliminated they should be playing Webb a lot more to get some film and evaluation. Regardless of how well Webb does, I would still use the 2nd overall pick on a premier QB prospect. Eli or not, you do not pass up those opportunities. If Webb looks amazing, then I would possibly trade down. Carson Wentz tells you that you must have a strong QB in this Division for the 2020’s.

The Giants are 1-8. If the Giants players were fighting hard for their team and their coach, this would be an entirely different matter. They aren’t playing for McAdoo. Mara knows that he cannot go on like business-as-usual for 7 more games. He has home games vs KC, DAL, PHL and WAS. It will be a living nightmare for him if he does not fire McAdoo. He cannot deny that anymore. He cannot let the embarrassment to his franchise continue. He needs an interim Head Coach who will have the respect/authority to discipline the Defense.

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