Peter Schrager Says Goodbye To Good Morning Football In NYC

Peter Schrager

It’s the end of an era for Good Morning Football. After Jamie Erhdahl signed off earlier this week, Peter Schrager bid farewell to the show in New York City on Friday morning.

Peter Schrager Says Goodbye To Good Morning Football In NYC

Friday was Schrager’s last day on Good Morning Football in the New York City studios. Schrager spent a few minutes expressing his gratitude for the opportunity to be a host on GMFB for the last eight years.

I just wanted to appreciate my time in New York and the crew and the people. A lot of those folks won’t be making the trip. But we do love them and that they are a part of the story in the show and it’s fabric.”

Schrager and Kyle Brandt are the two hosts who have been with GMFB since its inception in 2016. Schrager spoke about how the show has aired in three different New York City studios. After thanking the crew and highlighting some of his favorite moments, Schrager reminisced about his “dream job.”

 “There wasn’t a single day in the last eight years that I didn’t realize that I had my dream job because I would drive in from Brooklyn, and you get the Brooklyn Bridge, and you have the New York City sun just rising over that skyline it was like, like a romantic comedy like a movie.”

Peter Schrager Addresses Move To Los Angeles

Good Morning Football is heading to Los Angeles. The last episode of the New York City era will air on March 29. Then, the show will go on hiatus before returning to the Los Angeles studio in the summer.

Erdahl will move to Los Angeles and continue her role on the show. However, Schrager did not say whether he will be in LA when the show returns from hiatus. It will not be “the last that we’ll be talking football together,” according to Schrager. It’s just the end of an era.

“To all the executives out there, the NFL Network, the NFL, the league office, and the viewers, thanks for letting us do it for the past eight years,” Schrager said. “It was awesome. It was real, and it was my dream job, and I loved every single day.”

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