Reggie Wayne Resets Fans Expectations About His Ability To Get Colts To Contract For Lamar Jackson

Reggie Wayne

Indianapolis Colts legendary wide receiver Reggie Wayne, 44, took to Twitter to discuss the Lamar Jackson situation.

As a 14-year veteran of the Colts team, his opinion may not be what NFL fans expect.

Apparently many fans are trying to get Wayne’s attention on social media to do his part to convince the Colts’ front office to acquire Jackson.

While Wayne is an icon in the organization and is currently serving as the team’s wide receivers coach, he makes it clear that his influence is minimal.

What Wayne Said

“Will y’all stop @’n me to tell the Colts to get Lamar. I have no way of making your wish come true. H@&&… I’m still trying to get my kids to listen to me… Let alone a organization.”

Fans Loved It

Who knew Reggie Wayne had such a sense of humor?

Fans loved this tweet and let Wayne know.

Many empathized with the parenting aspect of his message and showed GIFs of their impressions of parenting.

Getting run over by a kids’ toy car and herding cats were some of the examples used.

Someone else reminded everyone that the Colts already have a quarterback and offered this GIF of Gardner Minshew in case people forgot.

While there is nothing wrong with Minshew, he is much better positioned as a backup to someone of Lamar Jackson’s caliber.

The Colts Are A Logical Landing Spot For Jackson

All kidding aside, the Colts are a logical landing place for Lamar Jackson.

They have had zero luck getting a quarterback to sustain any consistency or longevity since Peyton Manning and Andrew Luck did it for them over the course of 20 years.

Lamar Jackson is arguably better and at a more advantageous stage in his career than the previous attempts to get a veteran in to mop up the Colts’ quarterback messes.

Those were Philip Rivers, Carson Wentz, and Matt Ryan.

Of course, the decision falls on Owner Jim Irsay and GM Chris Ballard, but if Wayne can get into one of their ears, it could help.

He may find out that he has more influence in the Colts organization than he does in his household with his children.


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