Tyreek Hill Proposes Pass Interference Rule Change

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Tyreek Hill recently had some interesting thoughts on his podcast. The superstar wide receiver thinks a rule change should be implemented that would credit receivers with pass interference yards.

“You know there used to be a rule where you could challenge a defensive pass interference,” Hill said. “That used to be a rule, I believe two years ago, and they took that rule away. I don’t know why they took it away. They used to have that rule where if there was a pass interference, the coach could challenge it.”

After a controversial no-call in the NFC Championship game between the New Orleans Saints and Los Angeles Rams a few years back, the league made it possible to challenge pass interference calls. They eventually took the rule away.

“I think they should definitely bring that back,” Hill said. “Bring that back, and once it’s a pass interference, just add those receiving yards to my yardage.”

Hill could just be campaigning for his own stats since he did make it a goal of his before the season to break 2,000 yards. However, there are plenty of other receivers in the league who would agree with Hill’s proposal.

Tyreek Hill Wants Pass Interference Yards Credited to Intended Wide Receivers

Tyreek Hill’s Season So Far 

Hill is Miami’s number one receiver and for good reason. However, the emergence of other players such as De’Von Achane have somewhat decreased Hill’s opportunities. Tyreek Hill had a monster week one, but has relatively been inconsistent since the first game of the regular season.

So far this year, the one-time Super Bowl champion has 36 catches, 651 yards, and five touchdowns. However, he is averaging the most yards per game for his career as of now at 130.2 per game. While Tyreek Hill still has a bit to go to reach the 2,000 yard mark, if there is any receiver in the league who could pull off this feat, it is none other than the Cheetah himself.

His Lofty Goal 

It should be known that no receiver has ever cracked  2,000 yards in NFL history. Considering Hill’s speed and quickness, he is one of the more interfered with receivers in the NFL. If a rule like this did pass, Hill’s already lofty numbers would skyrocket considerably along with other deadly receivers in the league. It is a change that will most likely not be implemented, but Tyreek Hill did have some solid points when he brought it up in his recent podcast.

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