the eve of our first preseason game

the eve of our first preseason game

Ultimate NYG

the eve of our first preseason game

So many questions, so little time.

1) How can Diehl manage on the edge?
2) Will the rest of our offensive line be okay with Seubert moving in and us LOSING depth now when injuries WILL COME?
3) Can Manning throw with consistent accuracy?
4) Will our TEs behind Shockey be able to block?
5) Will our RBs pickup the blitz?
5) Will the offense execute under Gilbride?

1) Without Strahan, Umenyiora will get doubled constantly. Will we get a pass rush?
2) Without Strahan, our run defense fell off miserably. Will our new defensive coord enable Wilson and Pierce to perform their magic?
3) Kiwanuka at LB?
4) Secondary?
5) Let’s try again. Secondary?
6) Is Kiwika Mitchell going to do as well at LB (and shore up this squad) as the early talk proclaims? (I am always skeptical of this at this time of year.)

1) Do we start new FG adventures?
2) Kuehl out, DeOssie snapping okay?

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