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Football Mysticism

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Football Mysticism

We have spent the past 11 years on this NY Giants blog trying to maintain analytical objectivity about the way football games are won and lost. We have argued Bill Walsh’s view that “The Score Takes Care of Itself”… namely, that you control about 80% of the game, and that the other 20% is luck. This goes to Walsh’s view that if you can pile up the score, the remaining 20% of luck will not control your destiny. Do not let an opponent to within one score late, or you risk luck entering into your plans.

There is no better moment than now to discuss that element of luck- the bounce of the ball and the balance of the body. What we saw on Sunday evening was absolute craziness. Stefon Diggs caught a pass, Marcus Williams missed a phantom tackle, and Diggs kept his balance to scorean amazing TD. “Unbelieveable,” said Jack Buck. It was so unfathomable, so inconceiveable, that we all just dropped our jaws IN DISBELIEF.

Maybe what happened had some help? How did Williams just miss and get air? I have an explanation that is not based in science. It is at best mystical and I will ask you to simply read on.

How many times have Giants fans on this blog watched a replay of the David Tyree catch? That play had too many unfathomable and inconceivable moments for it not to have some kind of other-worldly influence. For starters, Eli Manning is a clutz. How could he possibly escape (for perhaps the first and only time of his career?!) when he was in the clutches of not one but TWO defenders? There is a mystical wall between Manning and these two pass rushers. How could Tyree make that catch on his helmet? David Tyree couldn’t hold onto a ball all week in practice. In fact, that ball that he caught on his helmet was the last catch he made in his NFL playing career. How could Rodney Harrison’s efforts to get the ball dislodged go unanswered and allow the ball to remain perched precariously on a helmet? How did the ball not hit the ground and get dislodged? If you watch the replay, it was as if there were another set of hands involved. Mystical hands.

I have shared the conspiracy theory here a couple of times- I believe Bill Belichick is cursed after Spygate. That he has somehow managed to win another 2 Super Bowls after 2004 is not the mystic’s fault. The mystic has presented his enemies with all the gifts they need to defeat the evil empire.

In 2007, it was the helmet. When Michael Strahan saw that play, he knew it was his (team’s) destiny to win. The Giants closed it out, scoring the TD, sacking Brady and preventing a miracle reception on Webster’s pass defense of a bomb to Moss.

In 2011, it was a couple of twitches. First, Gronk is injured in the AFC Championship. If Gronk is healthy there is simply too much divine intervention required to stop that onslaught. The next piece of help came from above, when something prevented Wes Welker from making a reception that ends the game. I have watched that play over and over. Something else aided that drop. Watch the replay. It is as if another set of hands is pulling the ball away. Unbelievable.

In 2014, it was the foot. You watch this video and tell me there was not help from above. Lucky? Yes. Unbelieveable? We keep hearing that word. Jermaine Kearse is not that good. He had too much help. Brady’s look on his head tells us all we need to know. He is saying it- cursed again. With 1 minute left, it is not for The Authority to punch the ball through too. Pete Carroll and his minions decided on a stupid slant, THE single worst playcall in history, to override the powers of intervention. When God gives a nudge, you still gotta finish.

In 2016, there was nothing but free will involved. The Falcons own a 28-3 lead and cannot seal the deal? No divine intervention was needed and none was offered. No soup, 1 year.

Enter the 2017 season’s playoffs. We witnessed something from above. Marcus Williams grabbed at air. Diggs walked through. It was unbelievable. Whovever plays against the Patriots will have an opportunity, divine or otherwise. The door will be opened. You just have to walk through. Believe it.

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