Best Moments From Denver Nuggets’ Championship Parade

Denver Nuggets Championship Parade

On Thursday, the Denver Nuggets celebrated the first NBA title in franchise history at the championship parade. Thousands of fans congregated in downtown Denver to celebrate the accomplishment. Below are the best moments from the Denver Nuggets’ championship parade.

Nikola Jokic Wants To Stay For The Parade

After winning the title on Monday night, NBA Finals MVP Nikola Jokic said he wanted to go home instead of attending the parade. However, Jokic changed his tune when he stepped onstage and heard the ovation of the crowd.

“You know what I told you I didn’t want to stay for the parade. But I fucking want to stay for the parade,” Jokic told the crowd.

Kentavious Caldwell-Pope Channels Stone Cold Steve Austin

Kentavious Caldwell-Pope (KCP) proved to be a key acquisition for the Nuggets, starting all 20 games in the playoffs and ending with an average of 10.6 points per game. KCP channeled his inner Stone Cold Steve Austin by crushing two beers at once.

Michael Malone Is On One

No one and I mean no one is feeling themselves more than Nuggets head coach Michael Malone. The Nuggets coach is enjoying the moment as he drinks and celebrates his first championship as a head coach.

When asked if Bruce Brown, who can opt out of his deal and become a free agent, will leave in the offseason, Malone emphatically said, “Hell no. Hey, we’re running this shit back.”

Malone may drink Denver dry with how much alcohol he’s consuming.

Despite all the smack talk, Malone took a moment to thank the fans for sharing this moment with him and the team.

“It’s hitting me right now. For me, to share it with our fans, that means the world to me,” Malone said. “This is an amazing experience. Something that I believed in. I had no doubt that we’d get to this point.”

According to Vic Lombardi, Malone is now the “Lakers’ Daddy.”

Enjoy the drinks, Coach Malone. You earned it.

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