How Much Does A Silverado Resort & Country Club Membership Cost?

How Much Does A Silverado Resort & Country Club Membership Cost?

The PGA Tour is heading back to Silverado Resort and Spa in Napa, California for the 2023 Fortinet Championship. Kicking off the FedEx Cup Fall Schedule, Silverado Resort and Spa features two championship golf courses.

Managed by KSL Resorts, Silverado Resort features a luxurious experience. There are multiple amenities including two PGA golf courses, tennis courts, swimming pools, spa services, and restaurants.

Despite being a resort with 380 rooms, the golf course offers exclusive memberships. With state-of-the-art facilities and pristine golf courses in the wine region of Napa, a membership at Silverado Resort and Spa comes with a pretty big price tag.

Below, we’ll go over how much a membership at Silverado Resort and Spa costs, along with the different memberships available.

Silverado Resort and Spa Membership Cost

Not every golf course can say that it has hosted a PGA Tour event.

The Silverado Resort and Spa has been hosting the Fortinet Championship since 2015. It’s been almost a decade since the club has been hosting the tournament.

The club features two PGA Tour award-winning golf courses and many different amenities for members.

At Silverado Resort, there are four different types of memberships: resident, social, non-resident, and out-of-state categories.

Each membership requires different monthly dues, along with food and beverage minimums.

The initiation fee is an estimated $60,000 to start a membership at the club.

The Silverado Resort and Spa only offers a few Full Golf memberships each year and members get full access to all golf and tennis facilities.

Members also receive discounts on the Resort’s Spa and food and beverage outlets.

Junior Executive Membership Fees

Additionally, golfers under the age of 45 have a chance to cash in on junior executive memberships, which offer competitive pricing and exclusive benefits.

Instead of paying the initiation fee upfront, junior members are able to take advantage of Silverage’s Progressive Initiation Fee Program, allowing them to pay their fees in installments.

Players between the ages of 22 and 25 will only need to pay an initiation fee of $1,500 every year. Members aged 41 to 44 will need to pay $12,000 installments for their initiation fee.

There are multiple different amenities members get access to including an outdoor pool, salon, fitness centers, tennis courts, luxury dining experiences, spa services, and more.

Despite the initial price tag, members are still required to pay monthly dues which can vary depending on the type of membership. Those with a full golf membership (resident) will need to cough up $500 every month.

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