Lane Kiffin Trolls Reporter on Twitter After Being Linked to Auburn Job

lane kiffin
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Lane Kiffin is very good at Twitter. He keeps on proving it, and he did it again this Monday when several of his posts went viral. Jon Sokoloff of WCBI News claimed in a tweet that Kiffin was accepting the Auburn job and moving from his current position at Ole Miss. Kiffin fired back in series of hilarious tweets trolling Sokoloff and his sources.

Mississippi News Reporter Gets Snapped Back at by Lane Kiffin

Jon Sokoloff of WCBI News in Mississippi faced a barrage of troll tweets from Lane Kiffin on Monday after claiming sources confirmed Kiffin was leaving Ole Miss to take the vacant head coach job at SEC rival Auburn.

“BREAKING: #OleMiss HC Lane Kiffin plans to step down as the Rebels coach Friday and head to Auburn to become the Tigers next head coach, according to sources,” Sokoloff said in a tweet on Monday. “Sources say the Tigers haven’t officially offered the job to anyone yet. So Lane to Auburn is happening. Story soon.”

Kiffin was not having any of this and decided to snap back quickly. “That’s news to me Jon. 🤦‍♂️. Nice sources 🚫👿🪑🍽,” the Rebels head coach tweeted back, apparently shutting down the rumors of a move to Auburn.

However, he was not quite done there. He then posted some ‘breaking news’ of his own.

“THIS JUST IN. BREAKING NEWS: Jon Sokoloff of #WCBINEWS in Starksville, MS, plans to step down as lead anchor and head to #WLOX to become their new lead anchor,” Kiffin tweeted in the form of a picture.

“Sources say WLOX hasn’t offered the job to anyone yet. So Jon to WLOX is happening. Story soon.”

While Lane Kiffin hasn’t come out publicly and directly denied that he will take the Auburn job, this could be in some ways seen as that. Kiffin’s Ole Miss play Mississippi State in the Egg Bowl on Thursday evening and we await Friday with great anticipation as it is the Kiffin v Sokoloff showdown we have been waiting for. Will Kiffin head to Auburn? Our money is on ‘no’ at the moment, but we will see if it is a really Black Friday for Ole Miss.

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