Miami Heat Finish Atlanta Hawks In 5 Games, Win Series 4-1

Miami Heat

Coming into the series between the Miami Heat and the Atlanta Hawks, many thought that Atlanta could have an outside chance of taking home the series. Miami shut down all those doubts right away and ended up winning the series, 4-1.

The main reason why the Heat were able to win this series with ease is because of the defense that they played against Trae Young. Young looked horrible against the Heat through these four games as he only averaged 16.5 points per game and= shot 35% from the field and 21% from three-point range. For a guy who’s arguably one of the top 10 scorers in all of basketball, you have to give it up to Miami for playing the type of defense that they did.

Can The Heat Win An NBA Title?

Although it isn’t going to be an easy task for the Miami Heat to win an NBA title because games are only getting tougher from here on out, the defense that Miami plays has to be noticed and they can’t be counted out.

If Jimmy Butler can continue playing the way that he’s been able to play throughout the first round, as he finished the series scoring 30 points per game, Miami has an opportunity to beat anybody in the NBA.

At the moment, it seems likely the Miami Heat are going to be taking on the Philadelphia 76ers in the second round. Toronto has fought back and won two games against Philadelphia, but they still trail in the series, three 3-2. They will then take on either the Boston Celtics or most likely the Milwaukee Bucks in the Eastern Conference Finals if they got that far, which are two of the best teams in the NBA.

Sixers/Raptors vs Heat Odds to Win the Series

Because Miami doesn’t know who they’re going to be playing yet, the odds for the series haven’t been released yet. Make sure to check back at a later date to find out the series odds.

When the odds are out, we’ll break down the latest odds to win the series for the Heat and the winner of Sixers/Raptors from BetOnline, one of the best NBA betting sites.

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When Does The Second Round Of The NBA Playoffs Start?

The second round of the NBA Playoffs is going to start on Monday, May 2nd. Miami is going to have the home-court advantage regardless if they play Philadelphia or Toronto as they finished with the number one seed in the Eastern Conference.