What Should The Pittsburgh Steelers Do With Diontae Johnson?

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Diontae Johnson has been the Pittsburgh Steelers’ best wide receiver for the last few years.

Heading into the 2022 NFL season, Johnson is looking for a new contract.

The wide receiver  market has exploded over the previous few months but the Pittsburgh Steelers have yet to give Diontae Johnson an official contract offer.

Read on to learn more about the NFL wide receiver market and what the Steelers should do with their top WR.

Analyzing The 2022 NFL Wide Receiver Market

The WR market has exploded during the NFL offseason.

Below are some contracts that were given and signed by wide receivers during the offseason.

Christian Kirk, Jacksonville Jaguars – 4 Years, $84M

The Jacksonville Jaguars signed Christian Kirk to a four-year contract, worth up to $84 million.

This sent shock waves around the NFL and set the WR market on fire this offseason.

Kirk’s new average salary of $18 million per year put him into the top 10 of the highest-paid receivers at the time.

He has never recorded a 1,000 receiving yard season in any of his four years in the NFL.

AJ Brown, Philadelphia Eagles – 4 Years, $100M

AJ Brown was dealt from the Tennessee Titans to the Philadelphia Eagles. 

The Eagles offered and Brown signed a four-year, $100 million contract extension. 

Other NFL Free Agent Deals

Davante Adams signed a new five-year deal worth an average of $28.25 million per year with the Raiders.

Tyreek Hill was dealt to the Dolphins, where he signed a four-year deal, worth $30 million per year.

What Should The Pittsburgh Steelers Do With Diontae Johnson?

The Steelers have a decision to make.

Diontae Johnson has emerged as one of the top wide receivers in the NFL.

Given the recent market, Pittsburgh’s No. 1 wide receiver is expected to demand a big contract.

The Jaguars completely overpaid for a WR like Christian Kirk, resetting the wide receiver market.

Johnson is a much better WR than Kirk and would likely command a bigger contract than the Jaguars’ newest weapon.

However, the Steelers’ WR is not as talented or explosive as AJ Brown, Tyreek Hill, or Davante Adams.

This leaves Johnson looking for a contract that will pay him between $20-24 million per year.

Should the Pittsburgh Steelers Offer Diontae Johnson a Deal?

The answer is simple. No, they should not.

Chase Claypool and rookie George Pickens give the Steelers two options at wide receiver, which opens up the door to let Johnson go.

With that being said, the Steelers should not just let him go for nothing.

Trading Diontae Johnson is the best possible scenario for the Pittsburgh Steelers.

A team like the Packers, who desperately need a WR1, could be willing to offer a late first-round pick to give Rodgers a reliable wideout. Even an early to mid-second-round pick might be enough to do the deal for Pittsburgh.

The Steelers have depth at the WR position and are in need of other positions, such as offensive linemen, defensive linemen, and defensive backs.

Trading Johnson and getting something in return, instead of letting him go for nothing, is the best option for the Steelers.