Bills catch and ban sex toy throwers

Bills catch and ban sex toy throwers

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Bills catch and ban sex toy throwers

The Buffalo Bills hosted the New England Patriots in Week 8, an almost boring affair other than an odd moment.

Odd moment, meaning someone threw a sex toy on the field with writing about Tom Brady on it.

It seems like it would be incredibly difficult for the Bills to track down who exactly threw the object onto the field and punish them. Thousands of people, most standing or cheering, make it hard to pick out individuals.

Yet the Bills have done just that.

Brian Mazurowski of WBEN talked with Andy Major, Vice President of operations and guest experiences:

At the time, notable players found the situation almost funny.

“I did see it. Yes I did, I did see it,” Brady said. “I thought it was funny the ref didn’t want to pick it up. He was kicking it. Nobody wanted to reach down and grab it. That was very unusual. That was a first. Only in Buffalo. That was very unusual.”

Clearly the Bills have taken a safety-first stance with this issue. As they should—letting this go without punishment could help escalate what fans might try to throw on the field or at players.

So kudos to the Bills for handling an immature situation with class.

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