Bon Voyage, David

Bon Voyage, David


Bon Voyage, David

When David Wright smacked a base hit to left field against Houston on Monday I thought “y’know, maybe I was too tough on him. There might be a chance he stays on the field long enough to make a solid contribution.” This fleeting hint of optimism has dissipated with the cross winds of a flight to New York, which Wright is on because he now has a shoulder impingement to go with his spinal stenosis and his recently repaired herniated disc in his neck.

Good thing the Mets have some depth these days. If this was 2012, we’d all be making alternate summer plans by now.

From Sandy Alderson:

Alderson said the latest soreness Wright has been dealing with in his shoulder “has persisted throughout spring training,” and Alderson added that doctors feel the impingement is related to the neck surgery.

Bad enough that Wright has all these maladies at once. But one causing the other? That’s like putting one more finger in a dam that’s about to burst. You can’t help but feel awful for Wright, who already has to work twice as hard to get half his results. Now with this, best case scenario early on is that he’s a pinch hitter to start the season because he can’t throw. (And he could barely throw with a good shoulder.) Where does it end for Wright? And how soon? I’m sure Wright has it in his DNA to see this through to the very end. But before the end is a long, painful process that will surely test the limits of Wright’s desire to play this game and his threshold for pain.

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