And It Begins

And It Begins


And It Begins

+–cd=-0p going so well too. Jacob deGrom was throwing at full capacity. Matt Harvey was hitting mid-90’s. Even Travis d’Arnaud has almost gotten through spring training without sticking his arm in a wood chipper because he lost a bet with Rene Rivera when Kentucky lost. But with the season merely a week away, the curse of Ray Ramirez has reared its ugly walking boot. First, Juan Lagares strained his oblique muscle on Saturday (but don’t worry because Alejandro de Aza has seen the bat signal and is coming to save the day). Now it’s Steven Matz, who has been stricken with “elbow tenderness” (one of Kenny G’s best albums) which will put him on the disabled list because I was getting too excited about the Mets chances.

Well I should hope so. I would hope that when Terry Collins was asked about Matz’s injury, he wouldn’t say “Good! He had it coming … the f**k!”

“It’s worrisome that he continues to be injured off and on,” Sandy Alderson said. “That’s the difficulty. We don’t think it’s serious.”

Oh, that makes me feel better. By the way, remember this?

Sorry Mr. Alderson. Please continue.

“On the other hand, we have to be able to, with starting pitchers, to rely on them every five days. We’re not sure exactly where this is going to take us.”

It’s a good thing the Mets have all this depth to play with. Robert Gsellman made the rotation, but now Louisiana native Seth Lugo of Team Puerto Rico can step in and take some starts. Rafael Montero has had a great spring and can be the next man up if Harvey huffs paint, deGrom is strangled by his own hair, or the deer get revenge on Noah Syndergaard. Hell, even Zack Wheeler might be able to win a couple of games before the Colossal Queen breaks free from Wheeler’s elbow to command an invasion of the White House.

Today’s Hate List

This is usually a regular season thing, but I wanted to kick off 2017 a few days early to make Angel Hernandez 2017’s first Hate Lister:

Also, MLB … for continuing to allow Hernandez to make a living.


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