Nick Bonino's Emmy Award Winning Performance

Nick Bonino's Emmy Award Winning Performance

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Nick Bonino's Emmy Award Winning Performance

Pittsburgh Penguins forward Nick Bonino should be ashamed of himself. His Emmy Award Winning performance at the end of Wednesday’s should have been worthy of a two-minute minor for embellishment. Instead, it appears that Bonino studied theater and drama at Boston University.

First, I want to be clear, Washington Capitals forward T.J. Oshie shouldn’t be waving his stick around a player’s face at the end of a game especially when your team is pushing for the game-tying goal. That being said, there has got to be repercussions for players that want to cheapen the game with their WWE antics.

Finally, I wish the NHL would come down harder on the divers. The NHL should have a drivers’ wall of shame and post the pictures of these frauds on the front page of Do we want our kids to emulate these guys? I would say not. Players that embellish are guilty of poor sportsmanship. Seriously. Whatever it takes to win, right?  If you’re not cheating, you’re not winning.

And a former NHL official weighs in on the call.

Wait till Oshie sees the replay of the penalty in question. It sounds like he was unaware that he didn’t hit Bonino in the face.

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