Where The Reverse Split Hit Ya ...

Where The Reverse Split Hit Ya ...


Where The Reverse Split Hit Ya ...

We’ll always remember 2016 as the season that Robert Gsellman saved. Without Jon Niese’s injury and Gsellman’s subsequent run of excellent pitching, the Mets would not have enjoyed Conor Gillaspie hitting a three run home run off them in the playoffs. But this season, the league has caught up to him. He has regressed to the mean. We all learned that he is nothing more than a Quad-A pitcher. Whatever the reason, Gsellman has gone from season saver to a primary non-injury reason why the Mets starting rotation, which was supposed to be the best in baseball, is now the worst.

So whatever happened after Gsellman was pulled from the game in the fifth inning down 4-3 with the bases loaded and nobody out was caused by Gsellman not being able to go five innings, which is really the least anybody can ask of a major league starting pitcher. Gsellman has only done it four out of seven times this season after nailing at least five innings in every start during the season he saved. So when Terry Collins took him out, my first thought was “oh good, at least TC is taking him out at the right time”. I was happy until I realized that Hansel Robles was being brought in to face a righty with the bases loaded, which drives me nuts.

I was briefly correct to be concerned, as Oswaldo Arcia clocked one about a half a wall away from being a grand slam, and Jesus Aguilar drove home two more with a double. But hey, here’s the good news: Robles also gave up a three run home run to Travis Shaw, a lefty. So at least this wasn’t about Collins being scared to use Robles as a reverse split guy. This was about Collins having nowhere else to turn after a starter couldn’t go five innings, and this was about Robles not being able to pitch to batters of either side. So that kinda made me feel better.

The eight run fifth inning sent viewers flocking to the Senators/Penguins Eastern Conference Final and a Tiny House Nation marathon, and sent the Mets to an 11-4 loss and a series loss against a team missing Ryan Braun. The good news is that losing on the road means that Mets relievers only have to finish an eight inning game instead of nine. The bad news is that  seeing Jett Bandy become Freddie Freeman Lite while wearing catchers gear that looks like cotton candy is driving me to drink at 1 Oak until four in the morning. And then play golf.

Today’s Hate List

  1. Oswaldo Arcia
  2. Jett Bandy
  3. Travis Shaw
  4. Jesus Agilar
  5. Toby Basner

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