The Pitcher Is Strong, The Pettiness Is Stronger

The Pitcher Is Strong, The Pettiness Is Stronger


The Pitcher Is Strong, The Pettiness Is Stronger

So if that extra $3.7 million went to lock up Jacob deGrom so that he can continue his streak of beating the Phillies, I’d be okay with that.

deGrom went 6 and 2/3’s innings of stellar baseball against Philadelphia before he was struck on the right arm with a line drive, which forced him to leave an eventual 10-0 victory. It was a victory that featured home runs by Wilmer Flores and Neil Walker, Curtis Granderson, and Michael Conforto who for some reason was playing center field even after Jay Bruce was traded. Don’t ask me anymore. I don’t know.

Mets people say that deGrom is just fine. Mets people are saying a lot of things. Petty things about the Yankees, which is my job … not those getting a paycheck. This time it’s about the failed Jay Bruce trade.

In dealing Bruce to the Indians for low-level minor league pitcher Ryder Ryan, the Mets found a suitor willing to absorb the remainder of Bruce’s salary (about $3.7 million) for this season. The Yankees were only willing to take on a portion of that salary, and Mets officials weren’t overwhelmed with the prospects being offered.

“If they would give us something of [expletive] value, maybe we would have made a deal,” a Mets official said.

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