Things went great through four innings in Philadelphia. Steven Matz had a no-hitter going, and Yoenis Cespedes worked out a sweet at-bat against Aaron Nola. Nola threw slurve after slurve after slurve at him. Cespedes fouled them off one by one. Nola has to know that Cespedes is a great off-speed hitter, and he threw him one too many as Yoenis got a hold of the helicopter and launched it into left field for a 1-0 lead. At that point, it was shaping up to be another Mets victory in Philadelphia.

But for Nola, it was his only real misstep of the night. He even got a chance to face Cespedes again and got him out on a much better breaking ball. Ricardo Pinto also got Cespedes out in the eighth on high cheese with the go ahead runs on base, which is what Nola probably should have thrown Cespedes in the fourth. That at-bat was the key to the game as Matz went from throwing a no-hitter to getting knocked around in the fifth inning and losing the lead for good in a 3-1 Mets loss in Philadelphia. Matz did look better than he has been, but he got no offensive support from his team against the Phillies’ ace, and that’s that.

Of higher importance is the Neil Walker trade becoming official.

Wait, cash? We gave up precious cash?

Here’s my shocked face

Perhaps that player to be named later will actually be one of Milwaukee’s top 30 prospects! I mean, I won’t hold my breath, but the one name that I heard in passing didn’t seem so bad. So we’ll see what happens.

They might need to hope that it’s a starting pitcher after Matt Harvey couldn’t top 93 on the radar gun at Wappingers Falls tonight. Harvey threw 18 pitches for seven strikes while giving up a run in his only inning of work for the Cyclones. It’s one rehab start and it’s a long road ahead. But I have this sinking feeling that the rest of Harvey’s career is going to be one long search for the Dark Knight of old. Dark Knights usually make themselves hard to find as a general rule. I hope that rule is broken at some point before 2019.

Today’s Hate List

  1. Aaron Nola
  2. Ricardo Pinto
  3. Edubray Ramos
  4. Maikel Franco
  5. Maikel Franco’s glove

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