The NCHC Moves the Frozen Faceoff to the Xcel Energy Center

The NCHC Moves the Frozen Faceoff to the Xcel Energy Center

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The NCHC Moves the Frozen Faceoff to the Xcel Energy Center

UND Celebrates the win O.T. (Courtesy: Russell Hons for

This past Thursday, the National Collegiate Hockey Conference made a long anticipated and welcome announcement, the Frozen Faceoff was moving from the Target Center to the Xcel Energy Center. Almost immediately, fans took to social media to rejoice.

While they said the right things, I can’t imagine that the Target Center was all that happy losing the Frozen Faceoff. First, this is a great move by the conference, it’s only fitting that the best college hockey conference has their conference championship in the best hockey venue in hockey (well, next to the Ralph Engelstad Arena).

“Target Center is proud to have been a part of one of the country’s top college hockey tournaments,” stated Steve Mattson, Target Center Vice President/General Manager. “We wish the NCHC well in their future endeavors.”

A Great Move by NCHC

Prior to the recent, extensive renovation, the Target Center was a grungy, dirty basketball arena. Moreover, the ice was poor all four seasons the Frozen Faceoff was held at the Target Center. While I am merely speculating, I do believe that holding the Frozen Faceoff at the Target Center kept fans from attending the event. It will be interesting to see how big the crowds are this March.

Frankly, let’s be honest. There’s no comparing the two buildings. Post improvements, I am still not sure that the Target Center could match up with the Xcel Energy Center. The Xcel Energy Center is a hockey only facility and they don’t share the building with an NBA team.

“We are extremely excited to return to Xcel Energy Center for the NCHC Frozen Faceoff tournament,” North Dakota head coach Brad Berry said in a release. “Saint Paul has a long and rich tradition in regards to hockey at all levels. The NCHC student-athletes and fans will experience a great college hockey atmosphere.”

Earlier this summer I said this: One thing fans should consider, if the Frozen Faceoff moves to the Xcel Energy Center, it’s never going to be like it was before. However, the fan experience has the potential to be better than it is at the Target Center. I think the crowd number “could” grow with the move.

I did write about this issue earlier this spring (here) and (here).

Working for FEMA in Texas

First, I want to apologize, for the lack of posting. I’ve been out of pocket for the last two weeks. I’ve been deployed with FEMA and I’ve been working a Disaster Assistance (FEMA) call center in the Denton, TX, in support of the recovery for Hurrican Harvey.  I have been helping Harvey survivors finish their FEMA registrations.

My buddy Matt thinks I should blog about my experiences while I am in Texas, but I don’t think that I will. I can say this, the Harvey survivors in Houston, TX, are a tough bunch.

You’ve probably seen the recent news. I think we’re going to get even busier after Hurricane Irma hits Florida. So far, this has been a rewarding experience.

I have been working a lot of overtime, so, I splurged today, I went down to Best Buy today and bought an HP Chrome Book.

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